Full Client Testimonials

I brought Lina in because I had teams reporting to me that were operating in silos and it was impacting the business negatively. I needed to get engaged.

I selected Lina as our partner because I knew there would be some uncomfortable discussions.  Lina was willing to go below the surface and have the challenging conversations to help the teams deal with the real issues.

The gold was in the honesty and comfort level that Lina and I developed; any and all issues were fair game.

We dealt with a number of issues that we had pushed to the back burner as every organization does.  Lina did a very good job to clean out all the crap you throw in the back of the closet that you don’t want to deal with.  We went places in the discussion that we knew would get emotional, and they did. Lina was ok with that and she held her ground. It worked really, really well for us.

The work we did with Lina provided a context for how people in our group have individual conversations. There is more of an honest and candid dialogue now. Some of it was sensitizing people as to how they were seen by the rest of the world.

I would absolutely use Lina again. There are a lot of people who do what Lina does, but don’t do it as effectively.

Our engagement addressed all of my business issues. Lina was a great partner – she’s a great listener and also great at challenging people. Lina did the work in a more direct way than others I have worked with in the past.  As a result, the work produced more meaningful results.

Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Global Consumer Products Company