One-on-One Coaching

Develop your skills, intuition and courage to become a more skillful and collaborative leader.

Coaching is a partnership that helps you define what’s important for your success and then supports you in achieving it. 

We start by defining your vision and goals. Then we identify your greatest strengths and areas where you want to make changes and use these to create a coaching plan.  Finally, we work together on concrete skill building and practices for self-awareness.

Our goal is to build on your strengths so that can navigate challenges and lead effectively long after our engagement is complete.

Typical areas for coaching include:

  • Defining your personal, team and organization goals and strategies
  • Identifying patterns that hold you back
  • Cultivating self-awareness
  • Obtaining and addressing feedback from others in your organization
  • Building skills that will help you accomplish your goals
  • Improving relationships with your team, reports and management
  • Identifying sources of conflict or disagreement and develop specific strategies to address them
  • Creating alignment among key players on strategy and execution priorities

How the engagement is structured 

  • Identify your goals for the coaching
  • Gather data through assessments and 360 degree interviews
  • Provide you with feedback, identifying your strengths and development targets
  • Establish a development plan with measurable goals
  • Identify and agree on the support needed from your boss and others
  • Coaching for skill improvement and work on mastery
  • Provide “live” observation as appropriate
  • Follow-up data gathering and feedback
  • Establish a self-directed plan for on-going development

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