Full Client Testimonials

Working with Lina, I became more intentional about my career. Together, we envisioned my ideal work.  We set goals and she pushed me to accomplish what I had envisioned. I am now in a role that embodies my vision.

Lina is caring, encouraging and a genuine advocate. She held a mirror up to me in a very championing way.  With her help, I saw my strengths when I had previously taken them for granted.

Lina has an innate ability to really hone in; she has great intuition. She asked the hard questions while making it very safe to explore them.  Having Lina as a guide helped me to realize what I really wanted and what I needed to do to achieve my goals.

There were some tough conversations that I kept putting off.   She would give me advice, guidance and examples about how to structure the conversation.  When I didn’t have the conversations we agreed were important, she kept them on the radar. She would always circle back.

Lina is just a gem.  She really makes a connection. The work we did together produced dramatic changes – in me personally, and in my career.  I feel very strongly about the value that she has provided me.

Director, Business Strategy & Operations
Healthcare Organization