Full Client Testimonials

Lina and Alesia are known for their work with teams. They were able to very clearly articulate different things they have done with teams at different stages of development.  I am a very team oriented person.  That meant a lot to me.

They were able to play back what seemed to be our challenge (the dynamic within the team) very accurately.  I remember thinking – they are not just responding in some perfunctory fashion.  They got a good picture and could get to the real meat of the matter.  I realized that they could bring us to a whole new level.

There are a lot of different things that they did with us and they thought about all of the elements that would allow people to feel safe.  We could have honest conversations.  They set forth parameters and they articulated the benefits that we would get by taking the conversation to the next level.

They came up with useful exercises to do in group offsite settings.  We spent our time productively and came back with some tools.

The results have been outstanding – we got a better performing team.  We are better performing from the standpoint of being well aligned and having a better ability to communicate effectively and make decisions.  Everyone is on the same page and more than that there is alignment of resources against priorities that we have all bought into, which leads to better execution, which leads to better results.

The alignment can occur because there is more openness and transparency of sharing information to allow everyone to make the best decision on behalf of the whole group.  So we are functioning in a team versus in silos.

They are very able to come into any professional environment and their skills would be targeted to environments that are weighted down by culture and bureaucracy that wouldn’t naturally lend themselves to embracing team work.

They are not fluff.  Besides the fact that they get results, their process is very diligent and persistent around solving the right problems. They involve the constituents to create the agenda and to modify it as needed; they’re not just taking orders from someone.  They wouldn’t take an assignment from someone who said “I don’t really buy into this stuff, but I know I’ve got to do it.”

They are data driven and process oriented to get to the crux of the matter.

We hired Lina and Alesia because they had a full repertoire and they would be flexible and customize the experience to fit our needs.  The other organization seemed to have one way of doing things.

Division President
Global Financial Services Company