Full Client Testimonials

I brought Lina and Alesia in to help a senior leadership team with several new members become a high performing team.

Lina is a fabulous facilitator:  She’s thoughtful and she listens. She challenges things and connects the dots.

She is provocative while simultaneously building trust. She understands the dynamics of a senior team; she doesn’t miss anything and she doesn’t let you get away with stuff.

She pushed me, as the client, out of my comfort zone.  I said “this is so not our company’s way.”  But she was right – that exercise was a BIG part of the value.

She has an unassuming, easy to talk to style.  From a partner perspective, I completely trust her.  She is not being critical. She is very open-minded and accepting of people’s flaws.  And she’s tenacious; I’m never waiting for things. It is usually her chasing me down.

The Lina-Alesia team complement each other very well.  Their work with us has allowed the team to have a common language and a common experience. We make different decisions as a result of this, so it has had and will continue to have a big impact.

Vice President, Human Resources
Global Financial Services Company