360-Degree Assessments

A 360 Assessment provides multiple perspectives of an executive’s performance.

We begin each engagement by thoroughly understanding the objectives of the executive and the organization, typically in face-to-face meetings.

We typically conduct 6-10 interviews with managers, reports, peers and other colleagues.  We then analyze the information and prepare a comprehensive report of the feedback.

We meet first with the subject of the 360 to discuss the findings and their implications.  With the client, we’ll agree on key objectives and new strategies, skills and behaviors that can be adapted.  Based on what we agree upon in this conversation, we’ll prepare recommendations for a development plan.

The executive’s manager will be included in the process both to provide feedback on the plan as well as on going support.

Often, a 360-degree assessment will be followed by an executive coaching engagement to provide ongoing support and accountability in owning the desired change.

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